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Air Replacement Systems

Direct gas fired Air Replacement Units provide an economical source of replacement air and are furnished with heater, filters, motor and blower, controls, mounting hardware and auxiliary equipment.

Open Face Paint Booths

Our most popular and affordable product line, GFS Fast-Pack (Open Face) Paint Booths provide a safe, clean environment for your finishing operations.

Standard Open Face Industrial Spray Booths

Standard Open Face Industrial Spray Booths by GFS features a modular panel design. This approach offers the economy of a standardized line of spray booths while making available virtually unlimited sizes and configurations to fit a broad range of finishing processes. Standard models can be shipped to North American customers within 7 business days of order receipt. Modification and/or options require additional lead times.

Fast-Pack "Express" Industrial Spray Booths

Fast-Pack "Express" Industrial Spray Booths are available in 15 different standard sizes and configurations. Can be shipped to North American customers within 3 business days of order receipt. Modifications and/or options require additional lead times.

Blasting Booths

An alternative to chemical stripping for removing paint is abrasive blasting. Blasting booths provide a safe, clean environment for removing paint by forcibly propelling abrasive material against a surface under high pressure.

Paint Kitchens

A portable, fire rated building used for the safe storage of hazardous materials and waste. Applications include paint mixing, pumping stations and storage where the quantities of liquids exceeds the hold amount or when square footage exceed the limits specified in NFPA33 for mixing rooms.

Burn-off Ovens

Designed to remove a limited amount of cured hydrocarbon coatings from metal parts by turning combustible cured paint into smoke and ashes. Primarily water vapor and carbon dioxide is discharged into the atmosphere, which is invisible, odorless, and harmless.

Heat cleaning is the proven solution for the painting industry. It limits labor costs, minimizes environmental impact and maximizes profit potential.


  • Eliminates hazardous chemicals in the workplace
  • Very low labor cost
  • Limited secondary clean-up
  • Oven controls are fully automatic
  • Compact design reduces exterior envelope and saves floor space
  • Central heat distribution for optimum balance of heat

Paint Mix Rooms

Engineered to provide contamination control that is needed during the paint mixing process. Designed to comply with safety and fire codes set forth by OSHA and NFPA. Paint mixing rooms are available in multiple configurations and designed to connect to paint booths for direct entry.

Fabricated from 18-gauge unpainted galvanized sheet steel. Panels are pre-punched and companion flanged for easy nut and bolt on-site assembly. A convenient built-in 4" deep containment base is designed into the system. The Paint Mixing Room must contain an automatic fire extinguishing system.

Clean Rooms

Provide a safe and efficient work environment for your operation. These environments are designed as a pressurizing air-conditioned room with optional heat and humidity control, with excellent lighting, proven construction, filtered air recirculation and designed to accept a fire suppression system.

Powder Booths

Designed and built for both maximum performance and safety for powder coating applications. Featuring GFS' manufactured PC-100 collector module.

  • Powder Collection Booths. Typically used in batch and low to medium production applications, this booth features a cartridge filtration system using GFS' designed and manufactured PC-100 module.
  • PC-100 - Collector Module. The PC-100 modules re-circulates clean, filtered air into the powder booth. The deluxe control panel features a Photohelic pressure gauge that monitors pressure drop and initiates the high-velocity pulse of air that is automatically injected into each filter sequentially. This means that you change filters less often.

High-Production Powder Booths

High Production Powder Booths are designed to increase your productivity, product quality, and profitability. Modular designs engineered for optimum airflow and maximum transfer efficiency enable GFS to efficiently produce powder systems ideal for any powder coating operation.

  • Constructed of 18 gauge stainless stell panels for exceptionally long life.
  • Self-cleaning cartridge filter collectors provide easy access to the filters for fast maintenance.
  • Operator shields and touch-up windows create a safe and efficient working environment.
  • Overhead filtration requires less floor space and features lightweight removable filter modules.
  • Optimum air control maximizes transfer efficiency and booth cleanliness and improves overall performance.
  • Unique hood design with angled corners inside booth for easy cleaning.
  • Independent cartridge module complete with motor, fan and air solenoids with venturies designed to provide efficient air pulsation through cartridge filters.

Continuous Burn-off Systems

Designed to remove a limited amount of cured hydrocarbon coatings from metal parts by turning combustible cured paint into smoke and ashes.

The Rapid Heat Transfer (RHT) is fast and cost effective, ideal for high volume rack and hook stripping. Speed, efficiency and cost savings make the GFS' RHT the smart choice for high-volume rack stripping applications. In as little as four to six minutes, the RHT removes paint from racks and hooks. The secret to it's amazing performance is high velocity manifolds and rapid heat transfer technology. Plus, the remarkable dual-pass in-line system which also means less energy usage, lower costs, and more available floor space.

How it works: Racks and hooks travel through a refractory-lined heated chamber, where air temperatures of 1000°F to 1200°F ignite the paint, turning it to ash. The hooks and racks are then conveyed to a washer where water rinses the ash off, and cools them.

To conserve resources, water is re-circulated through the system. An optional filter is available for removing excess ash from the water stream.

Batch Process Ovens

When resources are limited and floor space is at a premium, these ovens provide an economical solution for a variety of industrial processes, while offering diverse options for customization. Industrial applications include, but are not limited to, Drying, Curing, Baking and Pre-heating.

Convection Ovens

These modular factory-built convection type ovens operate at temperatures ranging from 100 degrees F up to 600 degrees F. Ovens can be heated with gas, fuel oil and electricity and are designed to move products through the heat zone using a variety of transport systems.

Recirculating Paint Booths

This unique system provides the means for recirculating air through a spray booth for both manual and automatic paint booths. This system also dramatically reduces the amount of exhausted air that will eventually be controlled by an abatement system.

High Quality Standards

The Recirculating Paint Spray Booth is designed to meet the requirements of OSHA, NFPA-33, and HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutants). NFPA-33 states: "A paint spray booth must provide adequate ventilation to control the concentration of flammable vapors below 25% of the lower explosive limit and it maintains the toxicity and permissible exposure limits below levels as stated in OSHA 1910.1000".

Design Performance and Benefits

This system dramatically reduces the amount of exhausted air. This is especially important if abatement is required by local authorities. In this case the air is rich in solvents and the volume sent to the abatement device is much lower. Abatement machinery is much more efficient when operating at higher concentrations of exhaust gas. Use of energy in paint booth is a serious concern in this era. Energy use is at a minimum when using a recirculation booth. At a recirculation ratio of 80:20% energy use is reduced by a factor of five. This is especially important when the booth is temperature and humidity controlled. Not only is energy use reduced greatly, but so is capital expense because the equipment (air handling and abatement) is also reduced in size.

Dust Collection Booths

Dust collection booths help to contain dust heavy operations which are often associated with sanding and grinding into a single workspace. Dust-laden air is pulled away from workers while filtered air is exhausted back into the workspace.

These booths are particularly well suited for filtering very fine particulates in large air volumes. The compact design of the unit also makes it a good in-plant unit collector because it saves valuable floor space while minimizing the required ductwork.

Heat Recovery Systems

As air is exhausted from process equipment, heat is lost as well. GFS' Heat Recovery System reclaims some of this heat that escapes with exhausted air, providing your business with measureable energy savings, resulting in lower operating costs.

Truck and Large Equipment Booths

Our spray booths feature a modular design which offers the economy of a standardized line of booths, while making them available in virtually unlimited sizes to fit a multitude of applications and finishing operations.

  • Energy-efficient components, shadow-free lighting, high efficiency heat systems and multiple configuration options allow for the perfect booth.
  • Custom designs are available and may include white pre-coated panels.
  • Ultra Booths: High-performance white pre-coated dual-skin panel downdraft booth
  • Galvanized Booths: Economical galvanized steel single-skin booths
  • Code Requirements: As fire, electrical, and building codes vary from one area to another, consult the local authority having jurisdiction before purchasing a spray booth. GFS Spray Booths comply with the requirements of the Uniform Fire Code (U.F.C. 45), International Fire Code and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 33 ) explosion relief requirements and (NFPA 86) air inside the booth is raised above ambient temperature, additional clearances may be required above or beside the booth.

Washer Booths

Designed for the secondary cleanup of burned-off racks, hooks, fixtures and parts. After the burn-off process, the load is transferred to the wash boothcart and rolled into the wash booth where ambient water is sprayed through nozzles to remove the loose ash from the burn-off process.

Multi-Stage Washers

Multi-Stage Surface Preparation Systems are utilized for metal and plastic substrates. These systems are used extensively to prepare surfaces prior to painting or to clean parts after machining or forming operations.

  • The number of stages and the design of a Washer System depends upon the customers finish specifications and the complexity of the parts. A Global Finishing Solutions Washer can be designed and customized as a spray, immersion or combination of both types.
  • Most basic Washer Systems include a chemical cleaning stage followed by a water rinse and seal rinse stages. Per specification requirements, the washer may include the addition of phosphate stages, additional rinse stages and deionized or surfactant final rinse stages.

Water Wash Booths

Water wash booths collect overspray using a constant stream/curtain of water where overspray particles are scrubbed from the air that the booth exhausts. While the water curtain collects most of the overspray, the section where the scrubbing action occurs is most important. Fixed baffles force the exhaust air to constantly change direction and, as this occurs, the water scrubs the particulates from the air or they simply fall into the water trough.

Water wash spray booths are ideal when using large quantities of coatings, usually more than 5 gallons per day per square foot of face area. These booths are available in any type of booth design small, large, open, closed, crossdraft, down draft, semi-down draft.